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Nocino – Part VI — 5 Comments

  1. Have you any update on your nocino? I wondered how your new batches came out and how the oak aging test went.

    I plan on making nocino for the first time this year. So I am trying to learn all I can.


    • Greetings, Brad!

      I’m glad to hear that you are going to mix up some nocino! I oaked a very small sample of my earlier batches. It was an uncharacteristically crude approach (no measuring, etc.). I threw a few oak cubes into a small amount of nocino and tasted it occasionally. I liked the flavor. I bought several types of oak cubes with different chars to perform the “oak experiment” (outlined in Nocino IV) but I’m afraid that I got caught up in the steeping media experiment (vodka, grappa, brandy, red wine) and have not further addressed oaking. I have also worked with two friends on nocino cheese and vinegar experiments.

      So, I don’t have any additional info to provide you on the oak front. 🙁 I can report that the steeping media experiment was quite a success.

      Feel free to keep me updated on your progress. I’d love to hear how your nocino turns out!

      • Thanks so much for the quick response. Hearing that tests went well is exciting. I checked the walnuts trees this morning and the buds are starting. I will be making 2 or 3 small batches trying different techniques. Your blog has been very helpful. I should have results in a year! Thanks again.

        • Eynon,

          Can I bother you with a question? I set up 4 jars of walnuts soaking in alcohol. I do not like vodka, so I used Everclear 151. But I want to reduce the alcohol amount to closer to 80 proof, so for 2 of the jars I added water, and to 1 jar I added red wine. 1 jar is is the pure 151 ever clear. The question is that the 2 jars with water have not really turned a dark color. The 1 with wine is darker, but I think a lot of it is the wine. The 1 in pure everclear is black. It has only been 12 days – but did I mess up with the ones with water and wine? Or you think time is all that is needed? Thanks.

          • Brad,

            I’ve not added water to any of my batches, but I have heard that some folks do so. Most of the time, the liquid with the walnuts turns black quite quickly. At this point, my recommendation is to give the jar a little swirl each day and keep an eye on it. I would let it steep for the same length of time as the others and see what happens in the end. I suspect it will be fine. I am currently typing this in my Medieval wall tent while at Lilies War (an SCA event). When I get back to real life, I’ll see if I can find references to the addition of water.

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