FOAM Cup. Several years ago, I developed a weizenbock recipe that I found to be quite acceptable.  I entered it into the FOAM Cup (Fellowship of Oklahoma Alemakers) competition in Tulsa.  This competition is an AHA-sanctioned event and typically draws over 600 entries from around the country in the various BJCP categories.

FOAM Cup MedalsThe first year I entered this beer, I won a silver medal in the wheat/rye category.  I entered again the following year and won another silver medal in that category.  I lost the gold to a weissbier that ended up being the Best of Show!  Finally, on my third try I won the gold!!  I will post the recipe for this beer in my Documentation/Recipe page soon.


Best Autumn Drink Competition.  At the Spirits of the Middle Ages event (2015), Countess Gwen and HL Eowyth sponsored  this “spirits” competition, which I won with my nocino entry.

I became the Royal Brewer of Calontir at Lilies War in June 2016.

Yeoman Longbow Champion at King’s Companie of Archers, 9/7/2013. Was inducted into the Order of the Boga Fyrd at Court later that day.

Winner of the Companions of the Rose Archery Tournament, June 2022, Lilies War.



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