Kingdom of Calontir
  • Silver Hammer (10-25-2014) for brewing
  • Cross of Calontir (6/13/2018) for service to the Kingdom
  • Boga Fyrd (09-07-2013) for archery
  • Leather Mallet (03-23-2013) for brewing
  • Torse (09/12/2015) for service to the Kingdom
  • Award of Arms (10-16-2010)
  • Royal Brewer of Calontir (2016-2017)
  • Boga Fyrd Captain (2017-2018)


Photos of Scrolls

Cross of Calontir Scroll

Order of the Torse Scroll

Silver Hammer Scroll

Award of Arms Scroll

Leather Mallet Scroll

Boga Fyrd Scroll