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  1. Greetings! No, he was not one of the 3 killed on the Patterson. He did serve on the Patterson for some time, but was transferred to the USS Wadsworth (DD516) on which he served as an Electrician’s Mate. On November 1, 1943, Japanese planes attacked the Wadsworth with several bombs landing nearby. Two crewmen were killed including Electrician’s Mate 1st Class Libby. On the November 5th Report of Changes for the USS Wadsworth he is listed as “Killed in action against the enemy”

    My quick scan of information seems to put Mr. Libby on the Patterson during the Pearl Harbor attack. I can verify this with certainty if you would like.


    • Thank you very much, Dave. Yes I would appreciate whatever information you could provide. Forgive my ignorance about this but do all those that are KIA receive, or next of kin, receive a purple heart? If so I was wanting to enroll him in the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor.

      • Technically, Mr Libby should have been awarded a Purple Heart. I found an Action Report from the USS Wadsworth indicating that the CO intended to recommend the dead and wounded from the November 1, 1943 attack for the award. To determine if the award was, in fact, officially given you would need to get a copy of Mr. Libby’s DD-214. The WWII Museum in New Orleans has recently published a guide for this and other types of research on military records https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/family-research-guide. I am going to send you a graphic (to the email listed on your reply) of the Wadsworth’s Report of Changes that indicates Mr. Libby’s death. I found that the casualties of that November action were caused by shrapnel from bombs landing close to the ship. She shot down two of the attacking planes.

        As best I can tell, Mr. Libby was stationed on the USS Patterson (DD392) during the Pearl Harbor attack. Whether he was actually on the ship or on leave in town at the time, I do not know. He also appears to have been on the Patterson during one of her most heroic efforts, The Battle of Savo Island during which the Pat picked up hundreds of survivors of the sinking HMAS Canberra (Australia’s flagship at the time).

        I also find that someone uploaded a picture of Mr. Libby and a picture of his gravestone to Fold3, an online database of many military records. If I find any additional information, I’ll pass it along to you.


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