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Wedding Quilt

small quiltSimone and I decided to make a quilt as a wedding gift for Deron (my son) and new bride, Jenni. We chose to use the new Cotton Theory Quilting Technique with a Courthouse Steps pattern. We chose red, "white," and blue for one side of the quilt and a variety of "browns" for the other side.

Fabric choice was a joint effort, although I made most of the decisions on this part of the process. Simone did all of the cutting and the vast majority of the construction and quilting. Because the quilting was straight line, I was able to help by doing some of that! I also was able to do some pinning and marking, but most of the credit goes to Simone (including the embroidered designs on each center square of the red, "white," and blue side).

Evidence of my participation in the construction can be seen in this photo gallery.  As you can see, Mai Ling helped a lot by sitting on the sewing machine!

dave 2007