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Greetings!!  My name is Dave Johnson (aka socpsy on a variety of forums around the Net).  For the most part, this site is a place to post information about me and my family as well as provide links to and information about some of my interests.

What am I interested in? You have to take a look at my bio and links pages for that information!

NOTE: Yes, you do see some Comic Sans on my pages.  Why? It is my ongoing attempt to desensitize my graphic arts friends who hate the font so much!

This site is no longer updated. Instead, almost all of my activities can be found on my blog Casks and Quivers.

What's New (relatively speaking!):

photosNew Brewing and Archery Blog. I have started a blog related to my brewing and archery interests.  Here it is...Casks & Quivers!


photosNew Kingdom Position. 10/31/2014 -  I have been selected to follow Ailith Bystoune in the Blue Hawk Herald position (Order of Precedence).


photosSurprise Award. 10/25/2014 -  At our locally hosted event, Hail the Striking Falcon, I was surprised in court by receiving entry into the Order of the Silver Hammer for my brewing. Here's a picture taken by Mistress Rhiannydd.


photosAutumn Arrows. 10/4/2014 -  Once again, I had a great time at the Autumn Arrows event in Calanais Nuadh.  I was able to finish shooting and throwing early enough to shoot some pics with my camera!


photosValor. 8/30/2014 - We traveled to Valor again this year.  The Highland Games and the Mr. Valor Kilt Competition were great! I posted a few pics of the former.

































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